IG55 Argonite Fire Suppression System

IG-55 is an inert gas mixture consisting of 50% argon and 50% nitrogen. This type of extinguishant can be used as total flooding fire suppression systems protecting hazards against the most flammable substances. IG-55 suppression systems are particularly useful where an environmentally acceptable fire extinguishing system is essential. IG-55 extinguishant can be used to protect a wide range of applications from sensitive electrical equipment to industrial applications.

This type of suppression system extinguishes a fire by reducing the oxygen concentration to a level that will no longer support combustion. Because IG-55 does not decompose when extinguishing a fire, there are no toxic or corrosive decomposition products created. A normal IG-55 total flood suppression system is designed to provide a residual oxygen level between 10% & 15% after discharge from the usual 20%. Whilst the residual oxygen level will not support combustion of most fires, personnel within the protected space will still be able to breathe normally, allowing enough time to exit the room. The lowest oxygen limit acceptable for personnel occupancy over a short period of time is 10%.

IG-55 is a colourless, odourless, electrical non-conductive gas with a zero ozone depleting potential as well as a zero global warming potential. It is stored as pressurised gas within the cylinder assembly. It is available at storage pressure of 200 & 300 bar, and when fully discharged it is clear no vision obscured.

IG-55 Suppression Systems, also commonly known as Argonite, can consist of one or more gas storage cylinders via a common manifold. Storage cylinders are manufactured using high grade alloy steel, and systems operate at 300 bar pressure. Gas cylinders can be stored in excess of 100m from the protected area. The gas protected area should be sealed professionally to be able to retain the design concentration of the system if discharged in a fire condition.

If more than one area within a building needs to be protected using suppression, this can be engineered by providing a single IG-55 system designed to extinguish the largest area. Adequately sized selector valves will be provided for each area, allowing the IG-55 suppressant to directed into the area in a fire condition. This will provide significant cost and space savings.